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Community Groups

If you’re looking to develop deeper relationships at Redeemer, Community Groups are a great way to do this. Most meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home). We try to keep them limited to about 12 people. If you can't find an open group, please let us know!
Flynn Community Group
Greensboro Fellows Community Group
Miller (Trey & Lori) Community Group
5 groups

Summer Growth Series

Our church hosts a number of classes that cover specific topics or areas of interest during the summer. Sign up for as many as you would like!
Alongside:  Loving Teenagers with the Gospel
Financial Peace University
Discovering Redeemer and The Anglican Way
8 groups

Catechumenate Groups

The Redeemer Catechumenate draws its name from the rich history of the early church where groups of believers would gather together to study the foundations of the Christian faith. These classes last a total of 26 weeks with a break for the season of Advent in December.
Van Wagenen Catechumenate Spring to Fall 2018
Hedman Catechumenate Fall to Spring 2017-2018
Myers Catechumenate Fall to Spring 2017-2018
3 groups

Discovering Redeemer/Anglican Way Groups

This group type section is to track the invitation pool, and the actual make-up of those accepting the invitation as well as attendance of those glasses.
Spring 2018 Discovering Redeemer/Anglican Way
1 group

Growth Groups

These courses are designed to help you grow in your faith. Each Group publishes its own calendar and timeline.
Christian Permaculture - Our Vision for the Farm
Reel World Theology
Liturgy of the Ordinary - Women's Study
8 groups

Art Series

Creative expression through artistic mediums are gifts from God. Just as God created, we too, made in his image, express an immense aptitude to create. We use all types of tools and mediums to do so. In doing so we too can reveal God’s purposes for humanity. Artists, and we are all artisans, consequently bring glory to God when we use our creativity for godly purposes. We also bless our fellow humanity (brothers and sisters) by assisting them to pursue the fullness of their talents with their heart, mind, and spirit. These talents are then placed on display for holy imaginative purposes and inspiration. Occasionally we will gather together to encourage, unleash, and display the beautiful capacity for creative gifts in our body and friends outside our church community.
Art Series
Music Monday Jam
2 groups